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Customise a solution to my unique company needs

Exsys can turn the standard Microsoft Navision technology platform into a solution that meets your exact needs. Open access to the application makes it straight forward for us to provide a solution that matches your way of working. The object-oriented development environment makes it easy for you to make modifications on your own, without extensive IT resources. You can add functionality as you need it, and grow at your own pace.

Manage finances

With Microsoft Navision, financial information is always up-to-date, so you can easily view the specific information you need to make informed decisions. Much more than just an accounting tool, it also makes it easier to spot trends and gain insight into your business activities, so you can capitalise on your knowledge and unearth new opportunities.

Streamline business interactions with eCommerce tools

Microsoft Navision helps you improve the efficiency of your business relationships with personalised portals and automated business transactions. Portals reduces administrative costs for you and your partners by allowing customers, vendors, and other partners to serve themselves directly from their own personalised web page. You can also streamline your commercial interactions with vendors and customers via completely automated electronic exchange of information. You choose how you want to interact with each customer and vendor and purchase only the functionality you need.

Manage supply chain

Microsoft Navision helps you respond profitably to your supply chain partners and customers. It helps you plan and reorganise production to meet new and changing market demands, manage your inventory and warehouses according to your unique requirements, and improve the efficiency of your business relationships with personalised portals and automated business transactions.

Manage  production

Microsoft Navision helps you become more responsive to customers and improve business performance. It provides you with tools to manage manufacturing processes such as production orders, bills of material, supply planning, and capacity requirements planning.

Report and analyse

Microsoft Navision helps you make smart business decisions without wasting time. You get a good overview and the ability to dig into details. Every time a transaction is posted-anywhere within the system-all customer, vendor, account, and item totals are given in real time. You can also zero in on details by filtering information (for example, by date, account, or item number), report and analyse based on an unlimited number of criteria, and always rely on the accuracy of the information.

Manage sales and marketing

Microsoft Navision helps you increase the profitability of your sales and marketing efforts by giving employees throughout your organisation simultaneous access to continuously updated online information. A precise overview of your contact information at the touch of a button makes you more efficient and improves your customer service. You can also automate routine tasks to make your work environment simpler and more efficient.

Communicate with vendors and customers via web portals

Portals in Microsoft Navision allow customers, vendors and other partners, and employees to serve themselves directly from their own personalised web page. They can seek information, buy, sell, and serve themselves using a range of functions found in Microsoft Navision, depending on their particular role and access rights.

Manage projects

Microsoft Navision helps you plan and manage jobs and projects according to your needs, so you can make more informed business decisions. The jobs and resources areas help you manage project costs efficiently, and get the most out of personnel and equipment.

Manage the services company offers

Navision makes it profitable for you to deliver superior customer service because you always have the accurate, up-to-date information you need to control costs, organise your service resources for maximum efficiency, and provide better service. It helps you establish long-term relationships with your customers with functionality including service contract management, and consistent logging and tracking of equipment and services.





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